Create pnb internet banking account

Guide to Create PNB Internet Banking Account

Create pnb internet banking accountIts everything on the go now, from sending mails to paying bills. Though online banking is an old thing to talk about, still there are so many people who do not have online banking account. By having internet banking account, you can easily pay for the products you buy online or  transfer money to other person. You need to be careful and make sure to read each and every terms and conditions while registering your account. This article will help you create PNB internet banking account. 


Who can Create PNB internet banking account?

Savings, Current and Overdraft account customers can Register. Joint account Customer cannot Register to online Banking.

What you need to do before creating your PNB internet banking account?

» Register your Mobile number for SMS alerts by dialing 18001802222(Toll Free)
» Account number
» ATM/Debit card number

Once you have registered your mobile number for SMS alerts and have your bank account number and Debit card number with you, then you can register to Online Banking account!

You can Create PNB internet banking account in 3 ways!

» Contacting Your PNB Branch
» Speaking to Customer Care
» Online

As mentioned, you could contact your Branch and follow the steps which they will mention or dial 18001802222(Toll Free) and speak to customer care executive.

Online Registration – The recommended way!

Easiest way is to Register yourself online:

» Go to www dot netpnb dot com and click on Register here under New user?

» Read Terms and Conditions Carefully and Click on Agree

» Enter your Bank account number, Date Of Birth and select View and Transaction (if you need  to login to check your account and also to do online transactions) Click Submit.

» Create Passwords for both Login and Transaction
» You will receive OTP number via SMS, Enter it and Confirm
» Your Username for Online Banking will be displayed, note it down.

That is it!

You have to wait for minimum 24hrs, it can take up to 48hrs or even more. Even after 48hrs if you are unable to login to your account, contact customer care by dialing 18001802222.

[su_note note_color=”#ebe8e7″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]Lost your PNB Internet  banking Password ? How to Recover your Password[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#c33e35″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”0″]Safety Tips [/su_note]

Steps to keep your online account safe.

» Never Disclose your password or pin
» Do not use Internet cafe or any public internet sharing for your online banking
» Always use On Screen Keyboard to type passwords
» Update your Internet security/Anti virus software regularly
» If you feel any unknown activity is going on in your account, Call 18001802222 and report them.


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