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create t shirt design with ai

In this in-depth article, you will learn how to Design Tshirts with AI and sell them online. As an example, I’ll show how to generate a cute Dog image and then add that to the T-shirt.

There are so many AI sites out there where you can create images and use them however you want. If you are new to the AI image/video generation world, then check out all our articles regarding AI here:  All things AI

Generate images for Tshirts With AI

Playground AI is one of the best sites to generate your images. You can generate up to 1000 images per day with the Free plan, which is more than sufficient for you to try out different prompts to get the image you are after. Though the Pro plans has advanced options, the Free plan is good enough for our case.

Go to and on the Home/main page, you can see images that have been generated by others.

Click on signup, continue with Google and accept the permission to complete the signup process. Once done, log in and click on Create button on the top right corner.

On the create page you have three columns. On the left, you have Filter, Prompt, Exclude from Image and Image to Image. On the right, you have Model, Image Dimensions, Prompt Guidance, Quality & Details, Number of Images and Private Session.

Design Tshirts with AI

On the left column, under the Filter menu, you can choose the style of your image. Choose none for now and under Prompt, describe the image you want.

Cute Dog wearing sunglasses.

This is where the real power of prompts comes in, not only you can describe what you want, with prompts, you can describe how you want it to be. After the Cute Dog wearing sunglasses, Type your prompts.

Cute Dog wearing sunglasses, clear background, extremely detailed, beautiful, establishing shot, artistic, hyperrealistic

If you don’t know what prompts to add, you can go back to the home page and scroll through the images and click on it and copy the prompts you like. If you don’t want to see certain things on your image, you can type those prompts under “Exclude from Image”.

Grumpy, sad

If you have an image of the Dog, you can upload that under the “Image to Image” option and use the image length slider to set how much resemblance your generated image should be with the one you uploaded.

On the right column, under Model, you can try out all the models to get the type of image you want. Choose the Dimension from the list, if you have a Pro subscription you will get higher dimensions to choose from.


You can increase or decrease the “Prompt guidance and Quality & Details” to get a balanced image. As stated there If you increase the Prompt Guidance, the generated image will be closer to your liking but things might be all over the place, For Example: A dog might have 6 legs.

Select how many images you want to generate at a time, if you set it as 4, you will get 4 images with different criteria.


If you don’t want your generated images to be public, you can change the option under “Private Session”. So any image you generate in that session will only be available for you.

Now, click on Generate button and wait a few seconds for the images to be generated.

Design Tshirts with AI

If you don’t like any of the images, you can keep modifying the prompts until you are happy with the images. You can also create variations of any particular image. Move your mouse over the image and click the + icon on the Top-Left corner to create variations. To modify the image any further you can click on Edit from the “Actions” menu. Once you are happy with the image, you can upscale the image by clicking on Actions and Upscale by 4k. The image will be upscaled and you can download the image.

Now that you have the image and like to make it transparent by removing the background. There are so many ways you can do this, depending on the complexity of the image. You can upload your image to free sites where you can remove your background with one click. If those sites didn’t do the job well, go to which is a Free replica of Photoshop.

Design and Sell Tshirts online

There are tons of sites out there where you can design your T-shirts and Sell them. For this article I choose which is one of the top sites to design and sell in India.

Click the link below to go to Teeshopper and create an account.

Go to

Login to your account and click on “Start Designing”

Click on the “Browse Art” button and upload your image. Click on the image to increase the size and align it to the center. You can add text by clicking on Add text and use the settings to modify it.

You can also choose the type of cloth you want to design, like a T-shirt or a hoodie. Click on colors to see how your design looks on different colors.

Design Tshirts with AI

once you are happy with the design, click on the “Sell This” button. A window will pop up for you to enter the details.

Add the Title, Description and suitable Keywords. Choose all the colors which you want to sell. Enter the word or phrase to generate a URL for your product.

Finally, enter the Markup Price, which will show the final selling price and your profit. Click on the info icon to see more info on the price. If you are happy with it, click on Save changes to save your product. Your product page will open, which includes all the stats about your product and a link to share your product. Copy the link and start sharing it on social media or wherever you want to promote it.

Design Tshirts with AI sell online

This is one of the ways to Design Tshirts with AI and sell them online, Playground AI is one of the many AI sites where you can generate images with text. If you like to try other AI sites, then follow the rest of the article.

Generating images on BlueWillow.AI

BlueWillow.AI is another Free site to generate images from text. On Playground AI, you can generate images on the site itself as shown earlier in this article. But on Bluewillow, you have to join their Discord server. Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform used by millions of people. You can create a free account on Discord and click here to join Bluewillow’s Discord Server 

Once you are on the server, you will see many channels on the left side. Click on any of the #rookie channels, you will see what others are generating.

Click inside the box at the bottom of your screen where it says, “Message, followed by the name of the channel” Ex: Message #rookie-9

Type /imagine which is the command used to activate text to image service. Type your prompt just like playground AI.

/imagine Cute Dog wearing sunglasses, clear background, extremely detailed, beautiful, establishing shot, artistic, hyperrealistic

Tshirts with AI

Hit Enter and wait a few seconds for the images to be generated. 4 images will be generated, below that you have the option to upscale or create variations of any of the images. Say, if you click on the 1st V button, it will create variations of the 1st image. If you click on the 1st U button it will upscale the first image.

Tshirts with AI

Click on the upscaled image and right-click on it to save.

Tshirts with AI





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