How to Download WinQSB & Install on Windows

Download winqsb

Download WinQSB from the below link and follow rest of the article to know how to install WinQSB on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Click here to Download

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To install WinQSB on Windows 7:

1. After downloading WinQSB form above link, Open the downloaded .rar File:

install on windows 7 8 8.1

2. Open WinQSB 2.0 folder:

insatll on windows
3. Scroll down and open SETUP.EXE file:

Download WinQSB and install on windows 8
4. Click on Continue:

Download WinQSB and install winqsb on windows 8
5. Give any name under Username and Company and click on Continue:

Download WinQSB for windows 8
 6.  WinQSB is installed, You can access the files from Start Menu:

Download WinQSB

To install WinQSB On Windows 8 and 10:

  • Extract the WinQSB 2.0 folder from the downloaded .zip file and open it.
  • Right click on Setup.exe and click on Properties
  • Click on Compatibility tab and check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  • And from the drop down menu choose Windows 7 or XP then click Apply and OK
  • Double click on Setup.exe
  • Follow the above guide from step 4 to step 6 to complete the installation.

Do you like to know more about WINQSB? How to use WINQSB or a Tutorial on any topic? Let us know in Comment section below.




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  1. Nina

    November 18, 2013

    I want to know make this software, thx

  2. Sefa

    November 18, 2013

    how can I install WINQSB on Windows 10?

  3. alex marin

    November 18, 2013


    Do you have a solution for windows 10, 64 bit.
    I try to install and I get error ” this app can’t run on your pc”


    • fatemeh

      November 18, 2013

      I get the same error. did u solve it?

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