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How to use Phone as Webcam in 5 Simple steps

Phone as webcam

Can i use my phone as Webcam? that’s the question you might have asked yourself for whatever reasons. Webcam in you laptop stopped working or you are using desktop and don’t have a  webcam. Either way, this article will help you with one of the easiest ways to set up your phone to use it as webcam for recording or live streaming.

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Setting up your Phone as Webcam

Step 1 : Go to on your PC and download the APP for your Windows or Mac

use your phone as webcam

Step 2 : Search and download Iriun app from your Play store or APP store on your phone.

Step 3 : Connect your phone to PC via USB cable and enable USB debugging.

(To enable USB debugging on Android, go to Settings > About Phone > and click on your phone’s software version multiple times to enable Developer options.

once Developer option enabled, go back to Settings > Developer options and scroll down until you find USB debugging and enable it.)

Step 4 : Open app in both PC and on phone, click on “Continue” and allow the APP to use your Camera.

Step 5 : Once connected, you can change the Video format or leave as is.

phone as webcam


How to use phone as Webcam in Wondershare Filmora ?

Once you followed the above steps and your Phone is ready for capturing, open Filmora (Download filmora for FREE)

Step 1 : Click on Record PC screen

use phone as webcam in filmora

Step 2 : In screen recording settings, select Iriun Webcam, move the webcam screen and place it wherever you want and start recording.

phone as webcam in filmora

Alternatively, you can record only webcam first and then sync that with your screen recording while Editing.

How to use phone as Webcam in OBS Studio ?

Step 1 : Open OBS studio (Download OBS) and add “Video Capture Device”. If you want to capture both your screen and webcam then add “Display capture” along with it.


Step 2 : Under Device select Iriun webcam and change the Resolution/FPS or leave as default and click ok to add.

phone webcam in obs

Step 3 : Click and Drag the Webcam capture window wherever you want and start recording to record both screen and webcam.

best webcam obs

This is one of the easiest ways to use your Android phone as a webcam or even your iPhone as a webcam. If you have any questions regarding this or anything related to Video Editing, leave a comment below. Subscribe to YouTube channel to get the latest Tips and Tricks on Screen recording, Video Editing and much more Subscribe to YouTube

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